Between Us and Nature – A Reading Club #33 – Going Back Into the Big Tree

Hosts:​ Eva-Fiore Kovacovsky, artist, and Sina Ribak, researcher for ecologies and the arts.

In collaboration with Zabriskie Buchladen für Kultur und Natur

[…] The history of any organism is often depicted on a family tree. Family trees usually are grown from the ground up: a single trunk branches off into many separate lineages, each branch diverging from common ancestors. But symbiosis shows us that such trees are idealized representations of the past. In reality the tree of life often grows in on itself. Species come together, fuse, and make new beings, who start again […].” [Lynn Margulis]
From Lynn Margulis we have learnt that symbiogenesis is obligatory for evolution (and the origin of life). Her scientific findings propose other ways of viewing our living Earth and the tree of life than those of our traditional human-centered western perspective. 
With this knowledge, can we better embrace images and stories of the Yanomani culture?
To delve deeper into our relations with nature we go back to Margulis’ revolutionary findings for evolutionary biology, continuing with a chapter on the origin of life.
Reading together we train our brains in thinking about the intertwinedness of all species. 

In ‘Between Us and Nature – A Reading Club’ we read together texts  related to natural sciences, art, anthropology, postcolonialism, and (post)anthropocene, chosen from a female perspective looking beyond disciplines.Those who would like to attend the reading session, please rsvp via email until the 20th of October to​, and you’ll receive a selection of texts. 
At this reading group we will read passages together out loud and share our experiences and thoughts about the nature we live in, what it means to us, and will discuss different ways of engaging with the world we inhabit.
NOTE the CHANGE OF TIME: We start at 18:30. We have 2 hours reading together.
PLEASE NOTE: HOPING TO BE SOON ABLE AGAIN TO MEET IN PERSON,  WE ARE MEANWHILE CONNECTING ONLINE. PLEASE READ BELOW TO RVSP:Come and join us with an open mind here: What:​ The Reading Club is in English language with a limited capacity of 11 participantsWhere​: Online via Zoom : Please install the app on your device beforehandWhen:​ Wednesday October 21, 2020, 18:30 (sharp!)Who:​ small group of lovely, people who would like to meet you (personal rsvp is necessary: please confirm your attendance)Why:​ to read together, be inspired and meet peopleNote: as there is a limited capacity, if after confirming your attendance you find out that you are not able to connect, we ask you to be kind to others and to cancel as soon as possible