Between Us and Nature – A Reading Club #34 – Online! – within the Artist Film Festival at HOME (Manchester)

How Many Natures Can “Futures” Nurture? On the work by Pedro Neves Marques

Join us for a group reading and informal discussion of Pedro Neves Marques writing.
In their 2016 essay Pedro Neves Marques asked “How Many Natures Can Nature Nurture?”1. Looking at more recent essays of them, we want to explore the multiplicity of futures and natures. 2Afrofuturism, multinaturalism, science fiction and political agency of sex, alterities against colonial power, oppression, and manipulation are some of the topics that Pedro Neves Marques’ work deals with. They suggest, “that while we need to invent new terms no longer tied to old categories, we must also allow common terms to explode and vary. I am talking about the openness and variability of the human, as a concept, and correlatedly of nature”. 3
This Between Us and Nature Reading Group: How Many Natures Can “Futures” Nurture? session is part of the HOME Artist Film Weekender 2020. The festival will be available online from Thu 3 – Sun 6 Dec in a ‘Watch Together Programme’. Please RSVP for this reading session via the event on the HOME webpage.