Between Us and Nature – A Reading Club #6: Decolonizing Nature by T.J. Demos

At this ‚reading-together’ session, we will spend time with an analytical text by T.J. Demos: ‚Decolonizing Nature – Contemporary Art and the Politics of Ecology’

Emily Eliza Scott (coeditor of Critical Landscapes: Art, Space, Politics) says about the book:

T.J. Demos’s ability to distill and interrelate heterogenous discourses and ecopolitical contexts, without flattening them in the process, is breathtaking. The heart of this book lies in the detailed discussion of specific artworks and the environmental struggles from which they emerge and to which they ambitiously, and often brilliantly, respond. ‘Decolonizing Nature’ makes a forceful case for why and how art matters, now more than ever.“


Please rsvp via email to and we will send a selection from the book to those who would like to attend the reading group. We will read passages together and discuss sustainability, post-natural conditions, and art after nature and what it means to us.

This will be the second Reading Club on ‘Decolonizing Nature’ and we plan to spend more evenings with the book in the next few months to dive deeper into this critical analysis. If you would therefore like to have your own copy, you can order it here (only few copies are in store, so please use the online order service):



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