Between Us and Nature – A Reading Club #9: Ground Work – Writings on People and Places by Tim Dee

„Ground Work – Writings on People and Places“ is curated by Tim Dee “with an understanding that people and place are entangled at all levels”.

31 authors writing about the natural world today, such as Julia Blackburn or Helen MacDonald, explore “new and enduring cultural landscapes, in a celebration of local distinctiveness”.

We are happy that the book and text selection is inspiring many of us, so we will continue with more essays of ‚Ground Work – Writings on People and Places’ by Tim Dee. In his introduction to this anthology of pieces by 31 authors, T. Dee states:

“We now understand that the paved world can be as articulate as the vegetated. […] What has changed is that we are now prepared to consider as meaningful habitat places previously ignored or written off. Modernity has shattered our world like never before, we are more deracinated that ever, but because we feel most places to be nowhere we have also learned that anywhere can be somewhere. All of our habitat is relevant: not just the pretty bits.”

Find out more in this review:

Please rsvp via email to to reserve your seat and receive the selected texts. At this reading group we will read passages together out loud and share our experiences and thoughts about nature we live in, and will discuss sustainability, post-natural conditions, and what it means to us.