Air Cushion Finish: Flink LP

Air Cushion Finish


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  • Lullabies for Insomniacs
  • 2017
  • Double Vinyl LP
  • 31.5 × 31.5 cm

Air Cushion Finish formed in Berlin in 2007 and comprises of composer/player jayrope and natural vocal synthesizer Lippstueck, who had enjoyed playing Berlin’s underground together since the 1990s. Lippstueck prominently sings, wordless and backwards in time, while his partner jayrope tends to also appreciate any DIY, electronic, string or percussion instrument small enough to fit into a single suitcase altogether. Changing setup and subsequently music is programmatic to them, as well as having friends as guest musicians, all resulting into an unforeseeable slow motion cacophony of whispers, bleeps, rhythms and harmonies. There’s a notion of Dada, but you never know.

It might as well be described as “a dream-like flow of musical and lyrical ideas […] there are preconceived islands, and the music drifts in free-form manner among them. Beautiful, involving and truly uncanny…” (George Grella, Big City, NYC).

As this ever-present poetic note of disconnection with cemented structures & styles took them to places, they got to support a number of their own favourite artists along the line. After 7 albums of their own and upon a friendly invitation by members of GY!BE they recorded with Thierry Amar at Montreal’s renowned Hotel2Tango studio in 2014. The resulting double 12″ “Flink” (Lullabies for insomniacs 2016) was mixed and co-produced again by Thierry Amar and it should well mark their current state of poetical accident, swaying, swinging and bouncing, boldly careful, like a transparent tattoo on your forehead.

Offering something akin to inserting a tape head in your nasal cavity and running a spool across it and thru your ears, Air Cushion Finish’s Flink is a marvellously trippy, poetic session of jayrope’s small sound collage composition and impressionistic, wordless singing from “natural vocal synthesiser”, Lippstueck. (…) Flink was the result of those sessions, an immersively psychedelic (sweet, rather than head-frying) world unto themselves, sensitively placing Lippstueck’s flighty vox – which range from Schwitters-esque gibber to avian and ecclesiastical runs – drifting around the centre of a sound sphere pieced together from intricately laced rhythmic mechanisms, reverberant dub basses and insectoid blues.” – Boomkat Review

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