Beyond the Fell Wall

Richard Skelton


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  • Little Toller Books
  • 2017
  • ISBN 9781908213587
  • 96 pages
  • Softcover
  • 18 × 14 × 0.7 cm

“A graceful meditation upon the relationship between landscape, language and sound.” The Spectator

“I know of no other author, musician, composer, film-maker whose work touches on alchemy.” Caught by the River

Beyond The Fell Wall  is a poetic enquiry into the inanimate life of a landscape – its unheard melodies and unseen movements. It considers both vast geological epochs and brief moments of intimacy, and in turn it asks us to consider sentience in all things – animal, vegetable and mineral. At its heart is the fell wall itself – a vast, serpentine entity. A vessel for the lives, voices and myths of the landscape. The dark heart about which all of life and death revolves.

Richard Skelton is a musician and poet who has produced a diverse and acclaimed body of work, from exhibitions to films, pamphlets, books, and albums of music that have seen him compared to Brian Eno and Arvo Part. All his work is informed by landscape and wide ranging research incorporating toponymy, ecology and geology, folklore and myth. He runs The Corbel Stone Press with his partner Autumn Richardson.

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