Labyrinth – english Edition

Olaf Nicolai, Jan Wenzel


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  • Spector Books, Rollo Press
  • 2013
  • ISBN 9783944669038
  • 320 pages
  • Softcover
  • 19 × 12.5 × 2 cm

Published in collaboration with Rollo Press.

»This book on labyrinths is wonderful! It enlarges the traditional catalog of labyrinths so much and so well, being itself labyrinthine,« remarked Jean-Luc Nancy, the French philosopher, on the German edition, published by Spector Books, ISBN 978-3-940064-82-0, in summer 2012. Sadie Plant, author of »Zeroes + Ones: Digital Women and the New Technoculture«, has now translated Labyrinth into English.

The starting point for this transcript of four lectures, all held in Leipzig in 2010, is a public art work that Olaf Nicolai installed in Paris in 1998. By exploring and combining a broad spectrum of topics that relate to the theme of the labyrinth, this book serves as both, a reference system to Nicolai’s work as well as an independent source book dealing with labyrinthian matter ranging from the minotaur to the floorplans of IKEA.