V a m i l i e n f a † e r – Elevating / Escalating – Tape

V a m i l i e n f a † e r


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  • Kinship
  • 2018
  • Edition of 150
  • Tape
During preparation for a festival show a car stopped functioning. Snowcrash subsequently wasn’t much premeditated either, besides that it does represent a moment of concentration, a celebration of a “we” feeling, that enables the protagonists to play impromptu, together. Los osos no comen monos.


released November 16, 2018

N: minikeys, tenor sax, fx
E: percussion, acoustic guitar, voice
J: guitar, fx

Recorded + premastered (hacky for cassette) @ Echo Coordinate, Berlin on June 26+27, 2018.
thank you to Poolede and DeadKitten assisting the recording.