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k-punk: The Collected and Unpublished Writings of Mark Fisher (2004-2016)

k-punk: The Collected and Unpublished Writings of Mark Fisher (2004-2016)

Mark Fisher

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24 x 16 x 6

824 pages

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Edited by Darren Ambrose and with a foreword by Simon Reynolds, this comprehensive collection brings together the very best work of acclaimed blogger, writer, publisher, political activist and lecturer Mark Fisher (aka k-punk) who died in 2017. Covering the period 2004 – 2016, it includes some of the most incendiary and influential posts from his seminal blog k-punk, as well as a selection of his brilliantly insightful film, television and music reviews, together with his extraordinary writings on politics, activism, precarity, hauntology, mental health and popular modernism for numerous websites and magazines. Also included is his final unpublished k-punk post, the unfinished introduction to his planned book on “Acid Communism”, and a number of important interviews from the last decade. Praise for k-punk: “Mark Fisher’s k-punk blogs were required reading for a generation.” – Guardian “Connecting pop culture and philosophy, the personal and the political, k-punk generously created a map to make sense of the world we live in, and a guide to help us invent a new world that makes sense for everyone. I can’t think of a more important person to read than Mark Fisher.” – Holly Herndon “Fisher is the most trusted navigator of these times out of joint.” – David Peace “A thrillingly creative critic.” – Sight & Sound “Fisher’s genius was in the way he connected complex abstractions to perfectly-chosen and instantly-relatable examples from popular culture.” – LA Review of Books “Mark Fisher gave a moribund left the imaginative jolt it needed to wake from the nightmare of neoliberal complacency.” – Alex Niven, Jacobin
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