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Moshpit ABC - Zine + A2 Poster

Moshpit ABC - Zine + A2 Poster

Louise Vind Nielsen




61 x 42 x 1


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In Moshpit ABC, Louise Vind Nielsen explores the phenomenon of the moshpit—blurry, wild, and chaotic as it may seem—through a very clean and orderly structure: the alphabet. A is for Anarchy, B is for Break Something, C is for Care. Next to a collection of personal anecdotes (“It's the first part of my autobiography”, the author explains to us half joking, half serious), we find lyrics, quotes from novels, theoretical texts, movies, and also more ephemeral messages like writings on the wall of a loo in a squatted house. They function as starting points into the nuances of a (sub)cultural practice which remains never fully graspable as either/or. Louise takes us with her into “the pit” and becomes a relentless narrator: at times funny, at others philosophical, always casually honest.

Edition of 50
Poster: 594 x 420 mm, Printed in Orange & Black on Fedrigoni Arena Natural Rough 120g

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