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Nansen #01 - Aydin Akin - OUT OF PRINT

Nansen #01 - Aydin Akin - OUT OF PRINT

Vanessa Ellingham (ed)

Vanessa Ellingham



ISSN 2566980X

24.5 x 17 x 1.5

95 pages

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If you live in Berlin or have visited sometime in the last 12 years, it’s likely you have seen him — he’s the man who rides a heavily adorned bicycle across the city every day, blowing on a whistle, pumping his arms and blasting the football chant Olé, Olé, Olé. When young newcomers arrive in Berlin today, high on the city’s hopeful energy, it’s never long before somebody one-ups them with the classic line: “Berlin was so much better five years ago.” AYDIN has been here for nearly half a century now. But he reckons that for Berlin’s newcomers, the best is yet to come. And he’s fighting every day to try to get us there. In this issue: Willkommenskultur A history of Turks in Germany The reverse migration of German vocabulary Activists, volunteers and do-gooders Intergenerational migrant friendship The Aydin Akin Starter Pack    
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