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Somewhere I've Never Been

Somewhere I've Never Been

Steph Kretowicz

Pool / TLTRPreß




18.00 x 11.5 x 1.00

189 pages

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We cruise at just under 1,000 kilometres an hour. It feels like we’re barely moving, hovering, rather than hurtling onward to another unfamiliar destination.' Can you tell a story of a place in the same fracturing way it was experienced? Pulling together field recordings from international soundscapes, Somewhere I've Never Been follows the author's account of loss and being alone in a self-started journey through the US, Europe and the Middle East. One part of an expanded narrative on many platforms (more at:, and against the grain of dominant visual narratives, the book is told through the sounds of corporate expansion and pop cultural hegemony heard in an ever-uneven era of globalisation and cultural mediation. Drawn away from the music of loaded family pasts and brittle presents to the sprawling inertia of a US road trip, Kretowicz is hooked by Jason Derulo, Fairuz, Harry Partch, Lipgloss Twins, poorly pronounced Polskibus safety announcements, the crucial influence of Celine Dion; in the end pulled back to the jarring patter and endless shifts of London. Highly personal, and deeply implicating, this selection of research-based creative essays by a music critic-by-trade are tensely complicit with the global audio-space they are extracted from. With only her ever-present dictaphone as a constant, what Kretowicz hears--filtered by her own experience--is confronted by the moving contradictions of visualised space, histories of physical and 'virtual' mobility through geographical bubbles and the policed intersections of a world split and bound by movement. Somewhere I’ve Never Been is an experiment in distributed storytelling carried out across a print, sound and live performance. Pulling together field recordings from international soundscapes, the book follows the author’s account of loss and being alone in a self-started journey through the US, Europe and the Middle East. Co-published by Berlin’s TLTRPreß and London’s Pool, designed by Maria Mitcheva, and edited by Tom Clark, Somewhere I’ve Never Been consists of a cohesive selection of non-fiction essays exploring international soundscapes as an expression of heavily mediated, networked mobile environments. Steph Kretowicz is a London and Los Angeles-based editor, writer and journalist specialising in music, contemporary art and digital culture. Her writing appears in Flash Art, Dazed & Confused, Resident Advisor, The Fader and The Wire, among others. Kretowicz is also co-founder and editor of London and Berlin-based arts publication    
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