Radio Otherwise – Zabriskie 8th Anniversary – Hosted by Archipel Community Radio

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On Tuesday 30.11.2021 from 12:00 until 06:00 of the following day (CET) Archipel Community Radio will broadcast the third edition of their special program Radio Otherwise organized by Kate Donovan, Monai de Paula Antunes and Niko de Paula Lefort aka nikoLFO, together with other radio enthusiasts and special guests. Archipel will stream live from the bookstore celebrating our 8th anniversary. The event can be heard on 88,4 FM Berlin / 90,7 FM Potsdam and here!

This episode presents contributions from Ela Spalding, Jean-Marie Dhur and Lorena Carràs, Giacomo Marinsalta, Nora Spiekermann, Kate Donovan, Ally Bishop, Catherine Evans, Jann Petersen, Elisa Pieper (HOOOPS), Jasmina Al-Qaisi, nikoLFO, JD Zazie, Tony Elieh, Manfred Naescher, Alix Edwards and more.

Archipel is happy to host a radio event on the day they celebrate our 8th anniversary, specially because Archipel’s first station was set at their shop 3 years ago on December 8th 2018. Also happy this event encompasses Radio Otherwise, an ongoing artistic research project motivated by the many knots which art, knowledge-making/sharing and communication encounter. Thinking and doing radio otherwise means focussing beyond purely anthropogenic transmissions, recognising relationality within the spectrum of more-than-human radio ecologies: the sun’s rays, lightning strikes, meteors, the radio memories held in soil from radioactive pollutants. It also means to research and reflect upon alternative histories and forms of radio-making through its complex materialities and multifarious aural traditions; special attention is paid to the spatial qualities of radio and radio-making, from experimenting with nomadic outdoor studios, building small-scale transmission ecologies (Friz), to observing how the frequency spectrum is occupied in place of rich biodiversity (Krause).

Zeitplan / Timetable:

12:00 Living Ecology Library. Ela Spalding pays hommage to the Zabriskie bookstore.
13:00 Philosophie der Wildnis. Lesung mit Jean-Marie Dhur & Lorena Carràs.
14:00 Offener Kanal Europa – Die Stadt als Papier Denken. Giacomo Marinsalta, Nora Spiekermann.
15:00 Lost Rocks Readings. With Kate Donovan, Ally Bisshop and Catherine Evans.
16:00 Listening Session: Silent Witnesses – Reflections on listening with soil. Lisa Pieper and Jann Petersen.
17:00 Birds and Radio: Jasmina Al-Qaisi and Kate Donovan in conversation about birds and radio.
18:00 Aural Maps. With live performances by JD Zazie, Tony Elieh and nikoLFO
20:00 Der geheime Kinosaal der Bibliothek von Alexandria, mit Manfred Naescher und nikoLFO
21:00 Offener Kanal Europa – Live in Europacity. Mit Giacomo Marinsalta, Nora Spiekermann, Alix Edwards.
02:00 Radio mix kassette. Mit Berglind Agustsdottir und Anderen.

Aural Maps. EN/FR 120 Min

A non-linear narrative exploration of Aurality throughout sounds, stories and interviews. Aurality is a concept describing the techniques, modalities, embodiments and effects of information ‘carried on’ or ‘engraved in’ sound waves and vibrations. The journey will lead us from outer space frequencies captured by giant telescopes to bioacoustics of our planet, from sound artists musique concrète to imagined ecosystems, from oral traditions to radiophony.
In this episode, live performances by JD Zazie, Tony Elieh and nikoLFO.
credits: Niko de Paula Lefort

Birds and Radio. EN 60 Min

Jasmina Al-Qaisi and Kate Donovan in conversation about birds and radio.
credits: Jasmina Al-Qaisi and Kate Donovan

Der geheime Kinosaal der Bibliothek von Alexandria. DE 60 Min

Premiere of the radio version of Manfred Naescher’s recently released book “Der geheime Kinosaal der Bibliothek von Alexandria”. Sound composition made in collaboraton with nikoLFO
credits: Manfred Naescher

Living Ecology Library. EN 60 Min

Ela Spalding pays hommage to the Zabriskie bookstore reading from their shelves.
credits: various

Silent Witnesses. EN 60 Min

One ear on the ground listening to soil. Buried artefacts witnessing acoustic memories, worms composting speculative futures. A microphone records decay. Die Erde als Verstärker. Listening to your subconscious. Earth massen covering your body. It is heavy. When listening to soil hearing nothing is very very odd. What does silence mean?
credits: Elisa Pieper, Jann Petersen

Lost Rocks Readings. EN 60 Min

Readings by Kate Donova, Ally Bisshop and Catherine Evans from the ‘Lost Rocks (2017–21)’ – an ambitious, slow-publishing artwork – a library of forty three books, by forty six artists over five years. A unique seam of mineralogical and metaphysical telling unfolds.
credits: various

Offener Kanal Europa / Die Stadt als Papier Denken. DE/EN 60 Min

The Offener Kanal Europa (OKE) is the first channel for Europacity: it is an artistic initiative to foster exchange and communication in a new and still unknown part of the city. Since the dominance of real estate investors is flagrant in the area, OKE explores possibilities for participation and personal initiative reclaiming public space, and questioning the speculative privatization processes affecting Europacity and Berlin.
In this episode we will present our fanzine publication « Die Stadt als Papier denken » published by ZZZNACK Publications, and supported by the Kreativfonds Bauhaus Universität Weimar. We’ll review the last developments in Europacity, with a selection of music, interviews and readings relating the neighborhood and urban politics in the city.
credits: Giacomo Marinsalta, Nora Spiekermann

Offener Kanal Europa / Live in Europa City: Smart Art. DE/EN 60 Min

Offener Kanal Europa (OKE) produced three radio shows in July 2021, which you can finally listen to! We broadcast live from Europacity on Cashmere Radio.
The search for a public broadcasting location proved difficult, and so in the end we were guests of various people in the neighbourhood. In this episode called “Smart Art” we investigate which role art plays in Europacity. At first glance, this is not at all clear, which is why the OKE took a closer look at this connection.
credits: Giacomo Marinsalta, Nora Spiekermann, Alix Edwards

Philosophie der Wildnis oder Die Kunst vom Weg abzukommen. DE, 60 Min

Jean-Marie Dhur reads excepts from Baptiste Morizot’s book “Philosophie der Wildnis oder Die Kunst vom Weg abzukommen”, highlighting the beautiful connections developed with animal through reading their tracks.
credits: Baptiste Morizot, Jean-Marie Dhur, various

Radio_mix_kassette. EN, 60 Min

Radio_mix_kassette is a internet radio that has been around at mixcloud for some years with field recordings, sound experiments, jam session, interviews, dj sets and more. For Archipel Stations it edits special on artists under the umbrella Artist focus.
credits: Berglind Agustsdottir and various