Lessons of the Wild #3. Nature Writing Reading Group. “Waterlog” by Roger Deakin

On Wednesday 20 April at 6:30 pm we will meet for the third time for the „Lessons of the Wild“ Nature and Landscape Writing reading group in the rooms of our bookshop. We will be reading from Roger Deakin’s groundbreaking Waterlog for the third time, from the following chapters:

19) An Encounter With Naiads
21) A Descend Into Hell Gill
36) To the Sea

This session will be the last we read from Waterlog for now. After that we will continue with Nan Shepherd’s „The Living Mountain“.

If you are interested in participating, give us a sign: mail@zabriskie.de.

Despite much relaxed Corona rules, we will keep the number of participants limited, as we did for the first two sessions – and everyone will wear the mask during the session. Please do a test before you come (self-test is also ok). We will not control and trust that you will do so responsibly. If you have cold symptoms, please refrain from attending, thank you!