Mischwald Verlag


Mischwald has its origin in the long artistic relationship between the two illustrators Christina Gransow and Lilli Gärtner.

During an artist residency in Linz, Austria in 2012, they decided to found the Mischwald Verlag to feature excellent people (Edition Pilz), publish joint projects (Edition Mischwald), as well as personal work (Edition Laub and Edition Nadel). Their first project was the double-sided poster Teenage Angst, followed by Eine Stadt.

Mischwald came to life to guarantee a lifelong creative exchange on an intense and irregular basis.

We have these Mischwald publications: the sticker book „Eine Stadt“ | Christina Gransow’s „Oh Spectrum“ | Lilli Gärtner’s „Obstsalat“ | The miscellany „Myzel“