Presentation: ERRANT BODIES PRESS. With Brandon LaBelle.

On Friday, 14 April at 7pm, artist, writer and publisher Brandon LaBelle will present the publishing house Errant Bodies Press at Zabriskie. He will talk about the publishing practice and about more recent publications. The presentation is in English. Admission will be free.

* Since 1995, Errant Bodies Press has been at the forefront of developing and supporting the diverse attitudes toward sound and spatial arts, auditory culture, community and commoning initiatives, poetic and experimental writing, contemporary political and pedagogical thought and research, performative and collaborative practices.

* Such areas of focus are developed through establishing specific series, including: audio issues (sonic and auditory research), critical ear (artistic monographs), surface tension (spatial and sited practices), doormats (on speculative political thought and current issues), errant editions (poetics), anthologies (edited volumes), impossible notes (on artistic research), and records (audio and video work).

* Errant Bodies also supports situated research and collaborative projects with a view towards fostering communal engagement and imaginaries. This includes the ongoing project Dirty Ear Forum. Activities are directed and facilitated by Octavio Camargo, Luis Guerra, Brandon LaBelle, Riccardo Benassi, Lily Errant, and fliegende Teilchen. Errant Bodies is associated with Errant Sound project space in Berlin.

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