Air Cushion Finish & Lichens – Biesenthal

Air Cushion Finish


Vorrätig (kann nachbestellt werden)

  • alt.vinyl Records
  • 2017
  • 180 grs
  • 31.5 × 31.5 cm

Vinyl is 180 grs. and available since March 2017 on alt.vinyl Records

“A hypnotic fusion of ACF’s innovations and Lichens’ transcendent playing in a venue that represents an almost psychedelic dreamscape in these recordings, an additional player that crackles with atmosphere across the vinyl. “
Note: Vinyl and some last copies of the 2010 version on handmade CDr (limited 100 numbered copies) might be available via Biesentales Records. or at live concerts of ACF.

8 tracks / 45 mins. (vinyl: 6 tracks)
untitled I with lichens • untitled II with lichens • untitled III with lichens • lickin it • satellite • there is a hole • bleifuss • i’m also there

Artwork/Layout: Charlotte
Screenprinting: Centrifuga, Berlin
Premastering digital and restoration: jayrope at Echo Coordinate, Berlin
Premastering vinyl: Sam Grant at Blank Studios, Newcastle