An Eclectic Bestiary Encounters in a More-than-Human World

Birgit Spengler / Babette B. Tischleder (eds.)


Verfügbar bei Nachbestellung

  • Transcript Verlag
  • 2019
  • ISBN 9783837645668
  • 340 pages
  • Paperback

The essays, poetry, and visual art collected here consider the more-than-human cultures of our multispecies world. At a time when humanity’s impact has put our planet’s ecosystems into great jeopardy, the book explores literary, sonic, and visual imaginaries that feature encounters between and across a variety of living creatures: beetles and bisons, people and pigeons, trees and spiderwebs, vegetables and violets, orchards and octopi, vampires and tricksters. Offering a wide range of critical and creative contributions to Human Animal Studies, Critical Plant Studies and the Nonhuman Turn, the volume seeks to foster new ways of imagining a more »response-able« coexistence on our shared Earth.

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