Berlin Sonic Places – A Brief Guide

Peter Cusack


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  • Wolke Verlag
  • ISBN 9783955930837
  • 96 pages
  • Online audiofiles
  • Softcover with sound walk map

Berlin Sonic Places: A Brief Guide is an appreciation of, and an enquiry into, Berlin“s sounds and soundscapes in all their moods of noise and quiet. It asks why does Berlin sound the way it does and what makes one neighbourhood sonically different from another. It pays attention to the aural character of particular buildings, streets, squares and green spaces, listens to the city“s public transport system and celebrates the importance of nature to Berlin“s acoustic environment. Briefly it attempts to find out what Berliners think and feel about the sounds of their city and how Berlin“s soundscape compares with those of other European capitals? Berlin Sonic Places: A Brief Guide raises the question, „How do we hear the cities in which we live?“ and offers some thoughts and responses from Berlin“s point of ear.

With contributions by: Pascal Amphoux, Peter Cusack, Max Dixon, Anna Fritz, Eva Kietzmann, Petra Kübert, Valeria Merlini, Udo Noll, Martyna Poznańska and Fritz Schlüter.
Edited by DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program

In English

Max Dixon – Towards a New Sonic Land Art
Pascal Amphoux – Two Sonic Landscape for Berlin
Berlin Sonic Places: A Brief Guide
Udo Noll – MaybachUfer Market
Fritz Schlüter – A Soundscape Remodelled: Nauener Platz in Berlin-Wedding
Peter Cusack – Berlin Favourite Sounds
Peter Cusack – Why is Berlin Quieter than other European Capital Cities?