Bleisulfid by Tine Melzer & Markus Kummer – Lost Rocks (15)

Tine Melzer & Markus Kummer



  • Lost Rocks
  • 2021
  • 93 pages
  • Softcover
  • 18 × 11 × 1 cm

Der Halt trügt, wenn auch die Versicherung dafür wirbt.

Tine Melzer connects the philosophy of language with visual art and her main motif is language. She works both as an artist and researcher and has taught at various academies and universities since 2004. Since 2014, she has taught at HKB Bern University of the Arts, at the transdisciplinary Y Institute and has been active as a tutor for the MA in Contemporary Arts Practice and as a lecturer at the Department of Art & Design.






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