Cabinet #59 – The North


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  • Cabinet Magazine
  • Fall 2015
  • ISBN 9781932698671
  • 112 pages
  • 25 × 20 × 0.7 cm

The idea of the North in modernity – its associations with sparseness and scarcity, to hardships and remoteness – has fed countless narratives of journeying to places and fates unknown. ‚Cabinet 59‘, with a special section on „The North,“ includes Jessica Rowan on five centuries of expeditions in search of the Northwest Passage; Joe Duncan on the US government’s rush to exploit Arctic resources made newly accessible by global warming; and Bettina Sierra on the attempts to recreate the atmospheric effects of the aurora borealis.


  • Ingestion / Pitchers Mound
    Leland de la Durantaye
    How the olive oil trade built the eighth hill of Rome
  • Colors / Army Green
    Alexander Keefe
    Half-alive at best
  • Inventory / Motoring While Black
    Julian Lucas
    On the road with the Green Book in Jim Crow America
  • Leftovers / Birds of a Feather
    Jeffrey Kastner
    The baroque bestiary of a Milanese gardner


  • Drawing the Foul
    Luke Healey
    Simulation and dissimulation on the soccer pitch
  • Astronymy
    Justin E. H. Smith
    The philosopher’s stone
  • Electric Caresses
    Dominic Pettman
    Rilke, Balthus, and Mitsou
  • The Mansion House Tavern of Crossed Destinies
    Jonathan Allen
    Reading the tarot deck of Austin Osman Spare
  • Artist Project / Cyclura nubila
    David Birkin
  • A Model Railway Journey
    Ava Kofman
    Inside Hamburg’s Miniatur Wunderland

The North

  • A Mind of Winter
    Charlie Fox
    The feeling of snow
  • Man on Glacier
    Matthew Spellberg
    Reveries of a solitary roamer
  • Artist Project / The North
    Hanna Ljungh
  • Pease Porridge, Cold
    Polly Dickson
    What to eat at the North Pole
  • The Archive of Ice
    D. Graham Burnett
    Tracing climate change at the National Ice Core Laboratory
  • Artist Project / How to Be an Intentional Agent of Anthropochory
    Jessica Segall


  • Postcard / Polar Postmarks
  • Bookmark / South by South