Cabinet #64 – The Nose

Sina Najafi (ed.)


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  • Cabinet
  • 2017
  • 112 pages
  • Softcover
  • 25 × 20 × 0.7 cm

With the possible exception of the eyes, no other part of the face is as burdened with legend, myth and significance as the nose.

Cabinet issue 64, with a special section on “The Nose,” includes Christopher Turner on Smell-O-Vision, Aromarama and other failed technologies for making cinema into an olfactory event; Jennifer Greenberg on how European colonialists characterized the relationship between race and nose shape; Anthony Harley on the political history of rhinoplasty in the US; and Thiago Carvalho on the new scientific work on the relationship between smell, immunity and mating among animals. Elsewhere in the issue: Adam Bobbette on Indonesian men who train young birds to sing the songs of extinct birds; Indiana Seresin on the way a mythic Native American indigeneity has been used by children at American summer camps; Ara Merjian on the Situationists’ uses of Giorgio de Chirico’s early paintings, and more.


Leftovers / Up, Up, and Around

Joshua BauchnerThe impersonal pleasures of the paternoster elevator

Sentences / A History of the Lights and Shadows

Brian DillonLearning sympathy from George Eliot

Ingestion / Squirrels and Spiders

David B. GoldsteinA table set, a wild animal, and us, invisible

Inventory / Concrete Politics

Courtney Stephens and Pacho VelezThe fragmentary presence of the Berlin Wall in the United States


Language at the End of the World

Jacob MikanowskiThe undecipherable rongorongo script of Easter Island

Vision Quest

William GermanoBringing the eye chart into focus

Welcome to Armageddon!

Julian LucasA philosophy of “permadeath” in the multiuser dungeon

Onfim the Artist

Justin E. H. SmithThe birch bark drawings of a thirteenth-century Slavonic schoolboy

Against Gravity

Avinoam ShalemA vertical history of places and things

Political Overtures

Justin PatchPlaying to the crowd on the presidential campaign trail

The Nose

Noble Rot

Elaine AyersJoseph Arnold and the discovery of the corpse flower

Cinematic Airs

Christopher TurnerThe battle of the “smellies”

The Luminosity of the Nose

D. Graham BurnettEdward Lear’s Dong and the limits of critical rationality


Postcard / Bulb, Olfactory

Bookmark / Pinocchio’s Breaking Point

Kiosk / Summer 2017