Consented Magazine #9 – Environment

Mike Pope, Noelie Audi-Dor, Amit Singh (eds.)


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  • Consented
  • 2019
  • ISBN 9772515620004
  • 64 pages
  • Softcover
  • 26.9 × 21 × 0.5 cm

Consented is an education project primarily based in London. We run a supplementary curriculum in two senior schools in East and South London that occurs over twenty weeks. The goal of this project is to prepare students for complex, academic discussions relating to race, racism and colonialism.

From 2017-19 Consented produced 10 independent print magazine including; Environment, Race & Empire, Class & Capitalism, Education. These magazines were sold across 10 countries.

From 2016-18 Consented ran monthly events at academic institutions across the UK. The aim of these events was to create dialogue and discussion around complex societal issues. Events included; Anti-Imperialism to Anti-Racism, Decolonizing Science, It’s not Race it’s Class and many more.

This has always been a volunteer led project. All the income received from sales of the magazines and the tickets for the events was reinvested into the Consented project. Today our school project is volunteer run without funding.