God is God – GiG – Tape

God is God


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  • Kinship
  • 2018
  • Edition of 150
  • Tape
God is God is a collaboration between Galina Ozeran & Etkin Çekin.
Metamorphic imagery occasionally placed on a grayscale where it’s easy to play. A bug on a silicon valley, turning into a snake and flying away gently with its little wings, joining a cloud disco where people cook fish at the bar and the beetles sing in dark corners.


released November 22, 2018

Synthesizer / Vocals / Fx : Galina Ozeran
Drumsynth / Percussion / Guitar / Fx: Etkin Çekin

Artwork: Dima Rabik
Typography: Galina Ozeran
Design: Etkin Çekin

This album is God is God’s first session recorded
on a stereo fieldrecorder at March 2018 in Berlin