I feel everything you say, I feel everything you hear

Jan Lankisch (ed.)



  • Strzelecki Books
  • 2022
  • 168 pages
  • Hardcover
  • 23.5 × 17.5 × 1.7 cm

In 2021, the „Week-End Fest“ looked back on 10 years of encounters between over 100 international musicians. Since its beginning in 2011, the curators‘ own fanhood has been a central element – thus the idea arose to have the artists tell stories about musicians, places or encounters that have shaped them. In ‚I feel everything you say, I feel everything you hear.‘ (the title is borrowed from the song „I’m so Green“ by Can) they tell of decisive moments and memories that still resonate today and have shaped their own artistic identity. As with the festival program, the book succeeds in highlighting diverse lines and connections among them. Dub producers Adrian Sherwood and Scientist talk about their deep admiration for the two inventors of dub Lee „Scratch“ Perry and King Tubby. Electronic pioneer Suzanne Ciani talks about her first steps as a musician and her encounter with Don Buchla, to whom she owes her first job and her first synthesizer. The British avant-garde guitarist Fred Frith describes his first bizarre encounter with the Sun Ra Arkestra in New York in 1979, of which Marshall Allen is a member. The latter tells how today, at the age of 97, he creatively carries on the musical legacy of his master Sun Ra with pride and reverence. By focusing on the fan perspective of the participating artists, the book connects to the curatorial concept of the festival itself. And through their stories and anecdotes, building blocks of a new or different oral history of recent music history emerge at the best moments.


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