Imaginary Landscapes – out of print

Peter Miller


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  • Atlas Projectos & Strzelecki Books
  • 2014
  • ISBN 9783942680646
  • 180 pages
  • Hardcover
  • 17 × 12 × 1.6 cm

Imaginary Landscapes is the book version of the slide installation of the same name artist Peter Miller showed during an exhibition at Simultanhalle in Cologne. With 80 images and a text by Fred Camper, the book has been co-published by Strzelecki Books and ATLAS Projectos. The slides were shot on 35mm film and later edited with a 35mm editing machine.

These editing machines are used to create the artificial landscapes of the cinema, many of which are based on and around the southwest region of the United States. In some of the images, the editing machine is revealed. Since this machine can only make straight cuts, these „slide collages“ contain a single cut across the horizon, resulting in portrait-oriented landscapes that present skies and grounds that only truly exist in our imagination.

Look closely and you can see the fine lines of the tape splice, in the upper-half of the image it often resembles an electrical wire.

Imaginary Landscapes
Imaginary Landscapes




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