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  • 2019
  • Newspaper
Examining physical, geographical, digital, political and emotional contexts, KRZAK PAPIER issue 1 explores a broad range of meanings behind WASTE – from unwanted matter to lost time. The publication is entirely in English with international contributions in form of articles as well as art and design projects.

Project oriented on sharing reflections and possible directions for sustainable present/future. As an editorial concept it gathers content from an open call, existing projects and comissions by local and international contributors. We see it as platform for expression of variety of voices – from emerging creatives and amateurs to specialists in a subject. Profits from sales will support our activities and cover print cost of the next issue.


Non-profit collectively run garden and cultural space in Warsaw, PL. It focuses on strategies for translating environmental care into arts and culture as well as into everyday practices. Occupying physical space of a garden and small house at Osiedle Jazdów, a green enclave in the city center, it offers a place for participation, commoning and exchange through activities around it. We have organized exhibitions, workshops, discussions, concerts, fundraisers and protests, collaborating with other initiatives, artists and activists to create engagement with the climate movement. Finally, Krzak is a community fostered by shared efforts, idea flows and many, many sunny days spent digging, weeding, composting and tomato picking.

Elissa Assaf
Martyna Basta
Paweł Błęcki
Dobrawa Borkała
Jan Brykczyński
Yi Fei Chen
Cyrus Clarke
Maja Demska
Garance Der Markarian
Michał Drabik
Joanna Dyba
Wojtek Gawroński
Wojciech Górny
Antonina Gugała
Sara Herczyńska
Tosia Kiliś
Agne Kucerenkaite
Diana Lelonek

Maria Oblicka
Krzysztof Pacewicz
Crystal Pei
Maciej Pietrukaniec
Adam Przywara
Kuba Rodziewicz
Olga Roszkowska
Róża Rutkowska
Monika Seyfried
Robert Świerczyński
Janet Mark Wallace
Weronika Wysocka
Sara Lundgren
Gustaw Maj
Zuzia Mielczarek
Marta Mitek
Ewa Mrozikiewicz
Emese Mucsi



Łukasz Mojsak
Adam Chabiera
Grzmisław Krassowski
Mia Marysia Luba
Ania Łyszcz

Maisie Odone