Nature is a Human Right

Ellen Miles (ed.)



  • Penguin Random House
  • 2022
  • ISBN 9780241531358
  • 320 pages
  • Hardcover
  • 22.5 × 14 × 3.5 cm
* Access to the natural world is a human right. This inspiring book captures why contact with nature is essential for our mental, social and physical well-being — and how we can rethink urban development to create green city spaces and a return to nature.Find an inspiring collection of original writings from world-leading “green” voices and discover:

• Benefits and issues surrounding our access to nature
• Discussions on social and environmental justice
• Why we need nature around us, how we’re being deprived of nature and what we can all do to change environmental and social issues
• Edited by the founder of the environmental justice campaign Nature is a Human Right, Ellen Miles

* Concrete outweighs every tree, bush, and shrub on Earth. Nature deprivation is a fast-growing epidemic, harming the health and happiness of hundreds of millions of people worldwide — especially vulnerable and marginalized groups. Nature is a Human Right, founded by Ellen Miles in 2020, is working to make access to green space a recognized right for all, not a privilege.

* This book brings together a collection of engaging, accessible essays, interviews and exercises, from expert ambassadors and supporters (including authors, artists, scientists, human rights experts, television presenters, TED speakers, and climate activists). Each contributor offers a new perspective on why contact with nature should be a protected human right.

* Enlightening and sometimes uncomfortable, this collection of writing and ideas illuminate the work that needs to be done to make our global future happier.

* Ellen Miles is an environmental justice activist from London. She is the founder of Nature is a Human Right, the campaign to make access to green space a right for all, and Dream Green, a social enterprise that educates and equips people to become guerrilla gardeners. In her spare time, she is a guerrilla gardener, and runs a local action group in Hackney.

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