One flower, one leaf#2 – Prato – Photo Edition

Martina della Valle


Verfügbar bei Nachbestellung

  • 2016
  • Photo edition, 50 copies
  • A5 ink-jet prints on Hahnemuehle fine-art paper
  • 23 × 16 cm

“One flower, One leaf” is an ongoing archive of still-life realized by Martina della Valle. The images are the result of workshop held in different cities in collaboration with the Ikebana teacher Rie Ono. “One flower, one leaf” emerges from the study of the art of Ikebana, with the intention to produce a participative episode through which to research a relationship between this traditional form of arranging flowers and the investigation on spontaneous vegetation in marginal areas of contemporary urban landscape.

Through the research proposed in Martina della Valle’s practice, the workshop tackle themes such as: the study of landscape residual areas, the traces of human intervention on urban vegetation, the notions of time and emptiness as well as the power in the art of Ikebana (as in the photographic language) to highlight details considered ‘minor’ through a process of de-contextualization.

After an introduction on the origins of Ikebana, the research unfolds in the surrounding landscape, with a field trip to collect fragments of spontaneous vegetation (plants, brenches, flowers, etc.). Under the direction of the teacher Rie Ono, the participants will produce their own composition that will be photographed at the end of the workshop. The photographic documentation by the artist constitutes a portrait and a map of this specific landscape through compositions of spontaneous plants, that is confronted with other urban contexts where the workshop took place (till today: O.f.o.l.#1 – Prato, O.f.o.l.#2 – Roma and O.f.o.l.#3 – Bolzano).

In collaboration with Rie Ono (bothanical artist)

24,25|09|2016 -Dryphoto arte contemporanea, Prato (IT)

03|12|2016 -MAXXI Museum, Rome (IT)

19,20|06|2017 -AR/GE Kunst, Bolzano (IT)

Presented at:
– DRYPHOTO, prato
– AR/GE Kunst, Bolzano
– Zabriskie, Buchladen für Kultur und Natur, Berlin
– Artist Alliance, Singapore




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