Physical Factors of the Historical Process – out of print

Alexander Chizhevsky, Robin Watkins (Ed.)


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  • 2017
  • ISBN 9789899714175
  • Softcover, two-coloured risograph, 200 copies
  • 27.5 × 18.8 cm

ATLAS Projectos new publication brings together a reprint of “Physical Factors of the Historical Process” by Alexander Chizhevsky (1897-1964), newly output solar cycle graphs from 1750 until 2032 by SILSO (Royal Observatory of Belgium) and an afterword by Robin Watkins.

Alexander Chizhevsky is recognized as the founder of solar-earth research, having proved that the Sun’s activity has an effect on many terrestrial phenomena. Chizhevsky proposed that human history is influenced by the eleven-year peaks in sunspot activity, triggering humans en masse to act upon existing grievances and complaints through revolts, revolutions, civil wars and wars between nations.

By establishing a statistical parallel between solar activity and collective cycles such as global conflicts and epidemics, this publication functions as a speculative extension of Chizhevsky’s theories and work. Edited by Laura Preston and published by ATLAS Projectos, the two-coloured risograph contains 31 diagrams and 88 pages, bound with gauzed red glue in an edition of 200 copies.





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