Peter Fend


Vorrätig (kann nachbestellt werden)

  • AKV Berlin
  • 2016
  • 18 pages
  • Softcover, Cover glossy, B/W Riso Print + Colored Stafix Illustration
  • 28 × 22 cm

The book is intended for people interested in policy, not for people focused on art.

In my experience, selling a visual product to mass media in normal news, i.e., policy market, takes about 5 minutes.
Selling the same ideas or images in the art world takes 5 decades.

The main reason I entered art, to have it lead us towards wilderness models of economic land use, as prefigured by Beuys as Chief of the Hunters, by earth art, and by color video language, and body artists like Schneemann and Edelson, has not yet been even exhibited.  Such a thesis, although recommended to outlets like Artists Space by Jenny Holzer and other colleagues, has always been rejected by curators, critics and collectors as too strange. Even if scientifically correct.

So, the art world has become retrograde. The fate of this book is unknown today.