Postcards from an Island – The Berlin Archipelagos (Postcard Box)

Álvaro Martínez Alonso



  • 2021
  • Cardboardbox with pen, postcards, stamps, map
  • 17 × 12.5 × 2 cm

is a photo book with a selection of postcards with photographs, maps, and geographical coordinates of some of the islands that are part of which I found while traveling aimlessly during the times of Covid lockdown

Inside this you will find everything what you would need in a desert island:

A6 printed on 300 gr Ikaso Karton.
40 Pages (20 Postcards)
14,8 x 10,5 cm

A biodegradable with blue ink

A with twenty Berlin Islands.
Digital print on 100 gr Marpajansen
30 x 42 cm

Twenty with maps of twenty Berlin islands you can use with your postcards. 60 Cents National use Stamps or 90 Cents International use Stamps

The paper inside the box could be different as in the photograph

More info about the project at:

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