Railway Flora – Out of Print

Ernesto Schick


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  • Humboldt Books
  • 2015
  • ISBN 9788899385064
  • 168 pages (17x11cm) + 12 pages (9x14cm) + 1 leporello 38,8 x 17cm
  • Taschenbuch, mit Fotos und Zeichnungen
  • 17 × 11 cm

Ernesto Schick devoted a decade of his life (1969-1978) to observing, classifying and illustrating the wild vegetation that infests the grounds of the international railway marshalling yard in Chiasso. First published in 1980, Railway Flora has maintained all its original charm. Its bond with the territory and with the history of one of the symbols of its economic development, the painstaking research of an all but common man and his scrutiny of the complex relationship between human beings and their environment offer a testimony which remains as intriguing as it ever was.
The new edition features writings and original illustrations by the author, as well scientific updates by Nicola Schoenenberger and a literary contribution by the poet Fabio Pusterla.

Texts: Text: Graziano Papa, Nicola Schoenenberger, Ernesto Schick, Fabio Pusterla