Reliquiae – Volume Five

Autumn Richardson & Richard Skelton (eds)



  • Corbel Stone Press
  • 2017
  • ISBN ISSN: 23987359
  • 148 pages
  • Softcover
  • 23.5 × 16 × 1.3 cm

Reliquiæ is an annual journal of poetry, short fiction, non-fiction, translations and visual art.

Each volume collects together both old and new work from a diverse range of writers and artists with common interests spanning landscape, ecology, folklore, esoteric philosophy and animism.


Volume Five features:

New work from Heidi Bailey, Don Domanski, Rowan Evans, Mark Goodwin, Whit Griffin, J.D. Howse, Steffi Lang, Karen Lloyd, Autumn Richardson, Penelope Shuttle, Zoë Skoulding, John Steffler, Nathaniel Tarn.

Archive work from Tim Bowling, the Buddhist Dhammapada, Gaelic folklore Haida folklore; Walter K. Kelly, Koryak mythology, Kwakiutl folklore; D.H. Lawrence, Amy Lowell, Mesopotamian mythology, Navaho folklore; Polynesian mythology, Lola Ridge, Sumerian folklore, Mark Valentine.

Reproductions from Die Radiolarien (Rhizopoda Radiaria), Eine Monographie, 1862, by Ernst Haeckel. A fourteen-line invocation sourced from texts within Reliquiae Volume Five.