Risograph Wall Calendar 2019

25.00  18.00 

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  • Zabriskie Buchladen, Dahier Dorfdruckerei
  • 2018
  • Limited edition of 160
  • Risoprint on yellowish white drawing paper 120g/m²; silver-grey, chamois, lemon yellow, anthracite, wine red paper 100g/m²
  • 38 × 14.5 × 1 cm

This eco-friendly, nature wall calendar was created and printed in collaboration between Zabriskie Buchladen in Berlin Kreuzberg and riso-print workshop, dahier in Gerswalde, Uckermark. The plants, leaves, branches and flowers were all collected in the very north of the Schorfheide biosphere reserve, 100 km to the northeast of Berlin. The quotes and texts are taken from classical nature literature and other great books, written by the likes of Rebecca Solnit, Wendell Berry, Ann Zwinger, Aldo Leopold, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Rachel Carson, and many more…

Zabriskie is a bookshop with a focus on natural and cultural phenomena that occur outside mainstream parameters; extraordinary things from the fields of music, film, photography and visual arts; counter culture, higher states of consciousness, avant-garde, drop-outs and outsiders, magic and the more bizarre, exotic and interesting side of cultural and natural history, as well as utopian societies and alternative experiences in nature, DIY and much more. At Zabriskie you can find a hand-picked selection of beautiful books relating to these topics. Furthermore, Zabriskie also presents a selected range of publications and limited editions from small art publishers.

dahier is a small Risograph printing and design studio in Gerswalde a remote village in the rural area Uckermarck 100 km north of Berlin. Riso- graphy is an environmentally friendly technique that allows the production of printed matter in limited editions with special spot colors. We offer workshops collaborate with artists and designers and draw our inspirations from the beautiful hills forests and fields surrounding the village.