Rocks According To Their Size

Max Stocklosa


Vorrätig (kann nachbestellt werden)

  • AKV Berlin
  • 2016
  • 68 pages
  • Softcover, color/bw offset print, edition of 200
  • 14 × 9 cm

As soon as the rock is put into the center of attention the pressing obviousness of its character handicaps the focus. An endless dumbfound gaze. A thing that is somewhere aligned at the origin of what I learned to know to be the order of things. Supposedly very basic. Quite understating its multitude of forms.

The material itself–actually limited–is forced to be inexhaustive in form and content as it is ever restricted to be the main partner of limitless growth. A thing that gives birth to other things, wherefore it forfeits some of its own thingness and gains its presumed lack of character.

Rocks and ground material make up objects and signs. They build houses, conduct electricity, provide the material for circuit boards which creates images and songs.
A raw material that can be harvested to shape the world as pleased.
It can hardly be appropriated because it is the essence for appropriation and that is why it is so hard to look at it with the demanding gaze of someone who seeks to extract some sense out of it.

The rock points in two directions. It has an arrow towards “Resource” and towards “Very Basic Object”.

A “Very Basic Object” as a calming tool to re-engage with a present world of mediated relations and complex layers of signs. A“Very Basic Object” as one of the last points of communication with reality. A reality in which the mantra is, that a real world experience is lost, “Due to an intensification of electronic signals.” Because what do we presently think of when we think of the real world and whom or what are we actually able to encounter and engage with in „full terms“?

Designed by The Centers of the World
Edited by Adam Shiu-Yang Shaw