Sacrifice – The Ikebana of Regeneration, Offered to the Future –

Atsunobu Katagiri


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  • 2015
  • ISBN 9784861525223
  • 112 pages
  • Paperback, coloured illustration, Japanese/English
  • 30 × 21 cm

A virtuoso in the Japanese art of flower arrangement, Atsunobu Katagiri first visited the Fukushima area in September 2013, two and a half years after the Great East Japan Earthquake. Struck by the vacancy of the haunted landscapes and destroyed homes, he also noticed the growth of summer weeds, fields of flowering plants, and abundant gardens that had lost both owners and boundaries. Despite his conflicted emotions, nature’s resurgence grounded him, and he began collecting and arranging flowers amid the ruins, as if to regenerate the voices of the land. This collection of stunning photos is the result. With an essay by poet and professor Norio Akasaka.



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