Tim Creswell


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  • Penned in the Margins
  • ISBN 9781908058157
  • 92 pages
  • Softcover
  • 21.5 × 14.2 × 1 cm

The first instalment of The Earthworks Trilogy

Soil is a striking debut by geographer and poet Tim Cresswell – rich, multi-layered, full of organic life and the compacted detritus of the city.

His poems delight in the strange and are often situated at the cusp of the natural and urban worlds. A fox climbs to the top of a London skyscraper; municipal trees are displaced from their mountain habitats; sandworts take root in abandoned mine shafts; and geological time is glimpsed through the ‘crushed structures’ of the city.

Cresswell is interested in hinterlands, the in-between places: airport lounges, urban parks, the muddy verge of a river. The title sequence is a startling examination of man’s relationship with the very stuff of earth, redeploying the language of science and archaeology with surgical precision and an innovative flair.

Already an acclaimed academic and human geographer, this book introduces Tim Cresswell as a significant new poet of place, and our changing relationship to it. Soil is a striking debut – rich, multi-layered, full of organic life and the compacted detritus of the city.

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Tim Cresswell is a geographer and poet. He is the author or editor of over a dozen books on the themes of place and mobility. His most recent title is Maxwell Street: Writing and Thinking Place (University of Chicago Press, 2019). His poems are widely published on both sides of the Atlantic, including in The Rialto, Poetry Wales, Magma, The Moth, LemonHound and Salamander. His trilogy of poetry collections, Soil (2013), Fence (2015) and Plastiglomerate (2020), were published by Penned in the Margins. He co-edits the interdisciplinary journal GeoHumanities and is the first Visiting Professor at the Centre for Place Writing at Manchester Metropolitan University. Tim lives and works in Edinburgh where he is Ogilvie Professor of Geography at the University of Edinburgh.