Spiritczualic Enhancement Center – Who Corrupted Our Wave, Back In 1969? – Tape

Spiritczualic Enhancement Center


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  • Kinship
  • 2018
  • Edition of 150
  • Tape

Who Corrupted Our Wave, Back in 1969? is composed of tracks recorded live during a Sunday confusion at Berlin’s Klunkerkranich. Aimed at transferring the dub-laden substance of their debut at Fusion Festival, one week earlier, this sunset-session is a drive through dense traffic in psychonautic space. Hypersonic textures arise from layers of transmutative dialogues between seven instrumentalists. These musicians have gathered in the exiled Spiritczualic Enhancement Center, geared towards spontaneous pre-temporal alignment. A collective channeling of Free Beat sonic-organisms born from the ether, “Who Corrupted Our Wave, Back In 1969?” is a b-rave album producing an inter-era entanglement, empowered by the portals of a caravan traveling outside of time.

“ If Woodstock had happened in an alien, technological advanced universe, this is probably how it would have sounded like but we might’ve never got to experience it. Fortunately, it was recorded this year in Berlin by seven illuminated musicians that created a timeless dialogue of textures, grooves and beats, which you can use as a post-hippie spaceship to take you wherever the fuck you want.“
Gabriel Leașcu – The Attic



released December 24, 2018

Drums: Nicolas Sheikholeslami
Drum Processing: Camil Dumitrescu
Bass Guitar: Etkin Çekin
Guitar: Æladin
Qanun & Percussion: Yael Lavie
Synths/Keys: Omri Shmulewitz
Self-Built Electronics: Sasha Lee

Live Mixing & Recording: Ian Medina
Mastering: Nicolas Sheikholeslami
Artwork: Dima Rabik
Design: Etkin Çekin