Stone Junction. An Alchemical Pot-Boiler

Jim Dodge


Verfügbar bei Nachlieferung

  • Canongate Books
  • 2011
  • ISBN 9780857861863
  • 515 pages
  • Paperback
  • 20 × 13 × 3 cm

With an Introduction by Thomas Pynchon

When Daniel Pearse’s mother dies, he is brought under the guidance of the AMO: the Alliance of Magicians and Outlaws. It is an introduction to a world of revenge, revolution and mind-bending chemicals, where anarchists, alchemists and high-stake gamblers exist. It is also a place in which magic and murder are the norm.

So Daniel begins a road-trip across America, an extraordinary quest for knowledge and understanding, for a six-pound spherical diamond and for an answer to the question of who killed his mother.

Subtitled ‚An Alchemical Pot-Boiler‘, Stone Junction is an unforgettable outlaw classic.