TAKO – Risograph Photo Zine

Nils Edström


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  • laiaselects
  • 2021
  • 36 pages
  • Softcover, staple bound
  • 26 × 19.5 × 0.5 cm

The zine presents a photographic journey of different octopusses living in the Seto Inland Sea by the port of Mihara, Hiroshima prefecture. The pictures were taken during a trip with a guide through this natural reserve.
Photography by Nils Edström
Japan, June 2021

„The octopus doesn’t swim fast enough to lose me. I am wearing swimming fins and goggles. As I get closer to the octopus I find it sitting on a medium low grass patch. With nothing else around, with no options to hide, I can interact with it. It changes its liquid body, giving itself intimidating poisonous looking horns. I swim around the octopus, observing it, as it watches me, judging my movement, judging for how much longer I will last underwater.“

First edition of 100 copies
Designed by Laia Bonastre
Printed in Paris, Quintal Atelier, November 2021
Special thanks to Chloé, Maho Shimizu & Teruyuki Hamamatsu


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