The Analog Sea Review – An Offline Journal – Number three

Jonathan Simons (Ed.)


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  • Analog Sea
  • 2020
  • ISBN 9781732251977
  • 218 pages
  • Hardcover

The Analog Sea Review is an offline journal because it fits in your pocket but won’t wake you up at night. The Analog Sea Review is an offline Journal because it’s food for dreaming, and because our dreams will surely be the last frontier to be swept up and digitized. The Analog Sea Review is an offline journal because it’s made from trees, vegetable oils, and linen thread. It has texture and smell, like a lover. And like a lover, it brings you stories and poems in the night.

For each issue, we ask writers, artists, and poets what they think and feel, what they create, when the machines are sleeping and they find themselves back again amid that most valuable natural resource – time.

In the latest edition, Number Three, we dive into depth psychology, Stefan Zweig and Vienna’s golden era, Bachelard and the poetics of reverie, ideas of north, libraries, Montaigne’s hideaway, and more. It also features a fascinating conversation with filmmaker Wim Wenders.

Nietzsche asked his students, „Take away the Greeks, together with philosophy and art, and what ladder have you still remaining by which to ascend to culture?“ Consider The Analog Sea review a literary guidebook on climbing.

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