Utopia Toolbox 1 – english edition

Juliane Stiegele


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  • Toolbooks
  • 2013
  • ISBN 9783000392054
  • 456 Seiten
  • Gebunden, Pappband
  • 24 × 17 × 4.5 cm

UTOPIA TOOLBOX  .1 is the first volume of a series of three.

It contains a selection of texts, images, conversations, citations and do-it-yourself projects and aspires to support the search for individual or societal ways in a time of great challenges. There are contributions of from different fields to search among: arts, science, economy, education, philosophy, spirituality, practice, politics, and society. The overarching connective tissue is creativity. It is illuminated in this book as one of the most important resources of humans – maybe the only one left to show us a way out of the present day crises. It is a manual for an effective use in daily life. A tool of encouragement. A contribution for the shaping of an uncertain future, of a more balanced global order. It emerged out of unlimited curiosity, and is for searchers of all ages.

The book contains small and big tools from: Atelier für Sonderaufgaben, Frithjof Bergmann, Buckminster Fuller, Transnationale Republiken, Götz W. Werner, Kristy Cha Ray Chu, Mike Davis, Hans-Peter Dürr, Marcel Geisser, Gert Heidenreich, Lisanne Hoogerwerf, Toby Huddlestone, Geert Lovink, John Maynard Keynes, Patrick Mimran, Lord Mountbatten, Asta Nykänen, Charlie Richardson, Rudolf Steiner, Juliane Stiegele, Johannes Stüttgen, Nick Tobier and many more.