Wire Magazine 421 – March 2019

Tony Herrington (Ed.)


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  • 2019
  • Sofcover

Inside this issue:

Stephen Malkmus: He redefined US indie rock as the frontman of Pavement and leads The Jicks through pastures strange and proglike. But does Stephen Malkmus’s intimate new solo album expose the man behind the smirk? By Raymond Cummings

Fashion: With its tireless promotion of reggae and dancehall, John MacGillivray and Chris Lane’s groundbreaking Fashion label changed the face of British music via sides by Smiley Culture, General Levy, Alton Ellis, and more. By Neil Kulkarni

Blackstar: Having helped shape the sound of David Bowie’s final album Blackstar, New York musicians Donny McCaslin, Jason Lindner and Tim Lefebvre continue to explore a hypothetical zone where jazz, avant rock and electronics collide. By Phil Freeman

José Maceda: The Filipino composer utilised tape and a keen sense of the spectacle as a means to extend the social and environmental dimensions of traditional music in South East Asia. By Julian Cowley

Lawrence Dunn: Gold in the garbage for the playful UK composer. By Robert Barry

Angel Bat Dawid: The Chicago composer, musician and vocalist promises light and depth. By Emily Pothast

Rian Treanor: The UK producer favours kicks without confrontation. By Daniel Neofetou

Ravioli Me Away: DIY in both senses for the London based operatic absurdists. By Tessa Norton

Global Ear: Ramallah: Hiphop is proving a potent motivator for disaffected Palestinians. By Courtney Yusuf

Invisible Jukebox: Annea Lockwood: Will the New Zealand born composer break the surface of The Wire’s mystery record selection? Tested by Emily Bick

The Inner Sleeve: Lisa Alvarado on Moki Cherry’s Untitled Tapestry

Epiphanies: Tom Surgal finds redemption through Algerian raï

Soundcheck: 9T Antiope, William Basinski, Black To Comm, Anthony Braxton, Buck Gooter, Lisa Cameron & Sandy Ewen, Michael Chapman, Viv Corringham, Angel Bat Dawid, Christoph De Babalon, Martín Escalante & Weasel Walter, Sandy Ewen & Chase Gardner, Lee Gamble, Binker Golding & Elliot Galvin, Green Dome, Guided By Voices, Steve Gunn, Alexander Hawkins, Howlround, Phillip Johnston, Phillip Johnston & The Coolerators, Zeena Parkins, Kel Assouf, Sam Kidel, King Midas Sound, Kokoroko, Kuhzunft, Catherine Lamb, Liberez, Martina Lussi, Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard, Matmos, Joe McPhee & John Butcher, Meat Puppets, Michael Morley, Muqata’a, Helado Negro, Reef The Lost Cauze, Sarana, Günter Schickert, SEED Ensemble, Sleaford Mods, Steve Spacek, The Specials, Strapping Fieldhands, Subjective, Test Dept, Tiny Ruins, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Anna Webber, Nate Wooley, Various Gangster Music Vol 1

The Boomerang: Robert Ashley, Bauhaus, David Behrman, Big Star, Bowery Electric, Caspar Brötzmann Massaker, Alex Chilton, Brian Eno, Fifty Foot Hose, Michael O’Shea, Prefab Sprout, Laurie Spiegel, Various True Stories: A Film By David Byrne – The Complete Soundtrack

Print Run: IrRational Music by Elliott Sharp; Being Time: Case Studies In Musical Temporality by Richard Glover, Jennie Gottschalk & Bryn Harrison; Ashes To Ashes: The Songs Of David Bowie 1976–2016 by Chris O’Leary; Bowie’s Piano Man: The Life Of Mike Garson – Revised And Updated Edition by Clifford Slapper; This Searing Light, The Sun And Everything Else: Joy Division, An Oral History by Jon Savage; Theories Of The Soundtrack by James Buhler; Nostalgia For The Future: Luigi Nono’s Selected Writings And Interviews by Luigi Nono

On Screen: London Short Film Festival 2019: Cosey Fanni Tutti; Lance Bangs Daydream Nation

On Site: Nik Nowak, Kode9 & Moritz Stumm, Berlin, Germany

On Location: The Honey Colony, London, UK; Pusha T, London, UK; SHS Assembly, London, UK; Unsound Festival, Adelaide, Australia; Playfreely, Singapore; Henry Flynt + Lary 7 Ensemble, Cambridge, US; Jaimie Branch, London, UK; Recombinant Festival, San Francisco, US; LCMF 2018, London, UK