Wire Magazine 454 – December 2021



  • Wire Magazine
  • 2021
  • 98 pages
  • Softcover + CD

Inside this issue:

On the cover: Laraaji: The former stand-up comedian and street performer transforms mirth into meditative healing music. By Emily Pothast. Plus, Alan Courtis on the power of laughter, and Greg Davis on six wellbeing albums

Olivia Block: With her recent releases for Longform Editions and Room40, the US composer takes varied approaches to music-making, from painstaking perfectionism to pscilocybin experimentation. By Bill Meyer

Jun Togawa: As her back catalogue undergoes extensive reissue, the Japanese performance pop provocateur looks back on her subversive career. By James Hadfield

Invisible Jukebox: Giant Swan: Waterfowl development as the Bristol dance duo subject each other to a mystery record selection

Unlimited Editions: Akuphone

Unofficial Channels: Wearable instruments

Kay Logan: The Glasgow based sonic occultist summons the city’s shadow self. By Abi Bliss

Max Syedtollan: Aleatoric prog moves from the autodidact UK composer. By Stewart Smith

Cath Roberts: Chance encounters with the London based saxophonist. By Dan Spicer

BlackFace Family: Auto-Tuned social commentary and pan-African rhythms from the Malawian outfit. By Antonio Poscic

Global Ear: It’s a bard life in the Central Asian deserts of Karakalpakstan. By Nick Hobbs

The Inner Sleeve: Marina Rosenfeld on Joan Jonas’s Vertical Roll

Epiphanies: Abdullah Ibrahim takes inspiration from a day at the races

Print Run: New music books: Malaria! and friends, Wu-Tang Clan, Genesis P-Orridge, Warren Ellis, Arvo Pärt, and more

On Screen: New films and DVDs: Todd Haynes’s The Velvet Underground, Bill Benz’s The Nowhere Inn

On Location: Recent live events and streams: Keith Tippett: A Celebration, Festival Iminente, Yarmonics, Unsound, Lunchmeat, and more

On Site: Recent art shows: Ulysses Jenkins’s Without Your Interpretation, Angelica Mesiti’s In The Round

Soundcheck: 266sx, Alarm Will Sound & Tyshawn Sorey, Artifacts, Atræ Bilis, Autumns, Olivia Block, Body/Dilloway/Head, Albert Bouchard, Brontis, Kyle Bruckmann, Burnt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber, Charred, Ben Chasny, Douglas J Cuomo, Cynic, Richard Dawson & Circle, Deviant Process, ESP Summer, Zack Fox, Annie Gardiner, Ben LaMar Gay, Robert Görl & DAF, Charlotte Greve, Helm, Herbert, Michael Hurley, Ilitch, Interesting Times Gang, Klein, Mikado Koko, Kowloon Walled City, Lonely Guest, Norman W Long, Lotic, Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, Juçara Marçal, Mephisto Halabi, MMM, Mzylkypop, Mankwe Ndosi & Body MemOri, New Age Doom & Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Daniel O’Sullivan, O YAMA O, Perila, Lovetta Pippen, Nolan Potter, Princess Diana Of Wales, Penny Rimbaud & Youth, Saint Abdullah, Philip Samartzis & Eugene Ughetti, Patrick Shiroishi, SIMM, Tyshawn Sorey & King Britt, Spectacular Diagnostics, Springtime, Suss, Elan Tamara, Tirzah, Amon Tobin, Martina Topley-Bird, Daniel Wyche, Youth

The Boomerang: Miles Davis, Faust, Lost Trail, Leo Nocentelli, Paul Schütze, SND, Joseph Spence, Various Ostgut Ton Funfzehn + 1, Various The Paths Of Pain: The CAIFE label, Quito, 1960–68, Various Tresor 30