Wire Magazine 465 – November 2022

Derek Walmsley (Ed.)


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  • Wire Magazine
  • 2022
  • 114 pages
  • Softcover, Magazine
  • 28 × 23 × 1 cm

* On the cover: Tyshawn Sorey: The genre straddling polymath unifies improvisation and composition into his own rigorous and powerful sense of expression. By Stewart Smith. Plus: Black Composers: After a century of racist and Eurocentric marginalisation, the AACM and others forged new strategies for creative experimentation. By Paul Steinbeck

* Devin Townsend: The Canadian studio wizard gets emotional with synaesthetic prog pyrotechnics. By Joseph Stannard

* Joyce: After facing industry sexism and blacklists, the Brazilian singer-songwriter is back on her own terms. By Joshua Minsoo Kim

* Horse Lords: The Baltimore noise rock quartet gallop through a panoply of tunings and philosophical ideas. By Dan Wilson

* Invisible Jukebox: Big Joanie: Will the UK feminist punk trio want to take The Wire’s mystery selection Back Home? Tested by Leah Kardos.

* Andrew Poppy: Wobbly words and mischief from the erstwhile ZTT composer. By Leah Kardos

* Backxwash: The Zambian-Canadian producer returns with a cathartic album of horror rap. By Emily Pothast

* Xhosa Cole: Birmingham saxophonist illumines the words behind the rhythm makers. By Francis Gooding

* Camille Émaille: French percussionist and improvisor gets into the flow of the natural environment. By Clive Bell

Unlimited Editions: BLTNM
Unofficial Channels: No Choice Records
Global Ear: Arahama
The Inner Sleeve: Adrian Corker
Epiphanies: Raymond MacDonald
The Wire Tapper 60

Plus pages of reviews and much more!

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