Wonderground Journal – Nature, Culture and Care – Issue Four: Fa



  • 24 × 17 × 1.1 cm

This issue of Wonderground is overflowing with inspiring, exciting and cup-filling ideas, stories and conversations. Just like a healthy forest ecosystem, there’s a diversity of light and dark, hope and wonder. In fact, consider the fourth issue of Wonderground a forest itself – a window into worlds personal and mythical, ideas alive and ageless; a place mysterious and mad, meaningful and beautiful.


– Up the Back, by Inga Simpson
– Tree Songs, Siân Darling And Paul Kelly in conversation with Georgina Reid
– Canoe, by Cobby Eckermann
– A Complicated Pining, by Richa Kaul
– Tree Rites, by Georgina Reid
– Know your (Black) Garden History, by Abra Lee
– The Heart of the Forest, David Lindenmayer in conversation with Georgina Reid
– Tree Talk, by Jeff Perry
– Alive with Rock and Tree, by Georgina Reid
– Song of myself, section 52, by Walt Whitman
– Tiny Tree Tales
– Karnpuka, by Zena Cumpston
– Undercurrent, Tanya Massy in conversation with Richard Swain
– Heredity, by Thomas Hardy
– Gardening the Silence, by Jane Gleeson-White
– Root and Branch, by Neha Kale
– Laws of Nature, by Jess Bineth
– Good Country, by Georgina Reid
– Acts of Co-Creation, by Sammy Hawker
– Migrants, by Stéph Donse
– Northern Rivers, by Paul Kelly
– Patterns of Time, by Ella Mudie

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