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JB. Institute



32 x 24 x 2

48 pages

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A few years ago a couple of freely painted S-Bahn trains would appear in Berlin out of nowhere. Though choosing a traditional graffiti format in train writing—a fully painted car (whole car)—and using the common painting tools such as spray cans, paint bombs, and fire extinguishers, no indication of classic graffiti in the form of styles, letters, tags or any kind of signing could be found. The train cars looked like abstract paintings on canvas and the group of graffiti artists remained unknown, leaving a myth behind.

In our book “Eruption,” photographic material of this action is seeing the light of day for the first time ever. The flashlight photos appear like a documentation of a choreography, the staging of a performance piece with a bunch of rapidly moving and barely recognizable characters, reminiscent of the aesthetics of martial arts or riots. The viewer gets the opportunity to get really close to it, as close as being part of the whole action.

We produced a high quality 48-pages photo book with thread stitching, a screen printed cover and Swiss brochure binding. The book includes a German Text and a photo card. Limited edition of 200.

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