Lena Lepidoptera: A Lena Platonos Fanzine – Second Edition

Lena Lepidoptera: A Lena Platonos Fanzine – Second Edition

Eloise Leigh

New Age Rage



19.5 x 13.5 x 0.3

16 pages

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Updated, expanded, and improved second edition A fanzine inspired by Greek synth musician-poet-goddess Lena Platonos and her 1986 album "Lepidoptera," reissued in 2018 on Dark Entries Records. Incorporates fragments of her lyrics/poetry and music video stills in dark and dreamy collages about the struggle of coming to terms with a morphing identity, and finding peace, power and transcendence through transformation. Risoprinted in playful Fluorescent Pink and moody Federal Blue. Bilingual design in Greek and English. Includes a separate A6 art postcard insert with mysterious butterfly runes connected to the zine. DETAILS: * 2-color risoprinted on 120/175 gsm Metapaper * A5 size, 16 pages, saddle-stitched * Includes A6 postcard insert, 2-color risoprinted on 270gsm cardstock * Numbered limited edition of 80 copies * Comes protected in plastic bag
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