Cabinet #62 – Milk



  • Cabinet Magazine
  • Fall 2016 – Winter 2017
  • ISBN 9781932698701
  • 25 × 20 × 0.7 cm


  • Colors / Mountbatten PinkAnnie Julia Wyman

    A rose-colored camouflage dream

  • Sentences / how how how what what what how—whenBrian Dillon

    Everything that rises must converge, or not

  • Ingestion / How to Boil an EggMats Bigert

    Cracking the ovum philosophicum

  • Leftovers / Playing the X-RecordEduardo Cadava and Xenia Vytuleva

    “Music on bones” and the transnational genealogies of dissidence


  • With Love, a Letter to Cookie, and Her StoriesAlice Butler

    The diary, the letter, the list

  • Spiders, Stars, and DeathD. Graham Burnett

    Sighting through the crosshairs

  • Artist Project / ReconciliationS. Billie Mandle

    Introduced by George Prochnik

  • Cardinal DirectionsMarta Figlerowicz

    West by East


  • Journeys of Lactic AbstractionMelanie Jackson and Esther Leslie

    The meanings of milk

  • I Feel It Is My Duty to Speak OutSally O’Reilly

    The disingenuousness of the Silk Cashewmilk makeover

  • The Presidential DairyWilliam Howard Taft’s prize milker
  • The Town Milk Chocolate BuiltWill Wiles

    The sweet life at Cadbury’s Bournville

  • I Put a Light in the MilkJeff Dolven

    Suspicion in a glass


  • Bookmark / Putting a Lid on It
  • Postcard / Harry Smith Transforming Milk into MilkAllen Ginsberg